NFT Breeding

Players with two SolChicks NFTs will be able to breed a new SolChicks NFT on our official website by paying a requisite fee of a combination of $CHICKS and $SHARDS tokens. Initially there will be a new Egg NFT from breeding, which will take 5 days to hatch into a new SolChick NFT (the Egg NFT can also be traded on the secondary marketplaces). The new SolChicks NFTs will be minted with a chance to roll each trait of each parent 15% of the time regardless of the rarity of each trait of the parent (15% if the parent NFT is one of the Gen0 NFTs, which will decrease gradually for later generations to control the overall rarity distribution of the NFTs). For the other 70% chance (100% — 15% — 15% = 70%), each of the new SolChicks NFT’s traits will be determined based on the general rarity distribution as shown in the “Attributes” page in our official website.

Only Gen0 NFTs, being the genesis collection, will have overall rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.). All subsequent newborn SolChicks NFTs (Gen1 and beyond) will not have overall rarities. The earning rate for all non-genesis NFTs will be uniform, at a rate that is slightly lower or equal to the Common Gen0 NFTs.

There are certain restrictions to breeding. Each NFT will be able to breed a maximum of 7 times, referred to as Breeding Count which will be shown in the NFT’s metadata. NFT breeding will also be subject to the Family Rule where NFTs with the same parents (either one of the parents) cannot breed with each other. Furthermore, an NFT cannot breed with either of its parents. The Gen of the new NFT will always be one higher than that of the parent with the higher Gen. That means that if breeding occurs between a Gen 1 and another Gen 1, the resulting NFT will be Gen 2, but if the breeding occurs between a Gen 1 and a Gen 3, the resulting NFT will be Gen 4.

In terms of the cost for breeding, as mentioned above both $CHICKS and $SHARDS will be required to breed new SolChicks NFTs, and our initial principle of the breeding cost structure is as described below for the near-term, but we may modify this in the future. Rest assured that any modification to the core cost structure to the breeding system will be made in a transparent manner and will not be made lightly.

The cost of breeding will scale according to the parents’ generation (Gen) and Breeding Count. To explain further:

  1. Breeding with Gen1 NFTs will be more expensive than breeding with Gen0 NFTs, breeding with Gen2 NFTs will be more expensive than breeding with Gen1 NFTs, and so on

  2. Breeding with NFTs with 1 Breeding Count will be more expensive than breeding with 0 Breeding Count (i.e., the NFT has never been used for breeding), breeding with NFTs with 2 Breeding Count will be more expensive than breeding with 1 Breeding Count, and so on

We will continuously be adjusting the required number of $CHICKS and $SHARDS tokens for breeding so as to loosely stabilize the floor price of Gen0 SolChicks NFTs.

Given breeding is an essential element of the game as it directly affects not only the P2E mechanics for the players, but also dictates the growth of the game through the number of SolChick NFTs available for players to use, the numbers and the mechanics for the above are very carefully designed

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