Players start in the Lightfeather Village as Talonyr, a young aspirant looking to join the SolChick Braves. Lightfeather Village is a quiet sleepy town near the SolChick capital city on Planet Mellow, Swiftalon City.

Lightfeather Village is where the main characters and the back story is introduced, and where players interact with the NPCs (non-player characters) who are the sources of quests and quest rewards. Some of the other core features of the game such as blacksmith and merchandise are also done through the NPCs in Lightfeather Village. NPCs fill very important roles in SolChicks Saga, and players will find services from the NPCs to be essential for journeying through Planet Mellow.

When the player has received quests and have equipped to be ready for the journey, the players can access three game modes (PVE Adventure / PVE Raid / PVP) through the portals located in the village.

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