Adventure Mode (PVE)

Adventure Mode is the main PVE mode which is across various chapters. Within each chapter there are around 10 zones. Each chapter represents a different location within Planet Mellow, and each zone within the chapters is a different setting within that chapter. Players battle against various monsters and enemies appropriate for their level and skill in each chapter and earn various rewards including $SHARDS, SolCoin, weapon/equipment NFTs, food, etc.

In Adventure Mode, players are introduced into the world of SolChicks and planet Mellow through an immersive PVE story mode. Players play as Talonyr, and together with his companions, embark on an epic journey across Mellow to discover his true identity and fulfill his ultimate purpose. The PVE mode tells the story of SolChicks, while allowing players to earn rewards and level up their NFT characters. In this mode, players battle against monsters and enemies to progress the tale of the protagonist. At the end of each chapter, players battle against a Raid Boss who is typically the main villain of the chapter (see Raid Mode section).

After the player has gone through the Adventure Mode at least once, they may revisit the locations under Exploration Mode. Under Exploration Mode, players can go to all the areas they have previously visited for the story line, and continue to perform daily and weekly quests or just farm for rare items and materials without following the linear structure of the story. Exploration Mode will have adjustable difficulties to cater rewards and challenges appropriately for players of different skill and power level. Players can also restart from the first chapter, but with increased difficulty and earn more powerful rewards.

Story / Dialogue

Story in the Adventure Mode is progressed as dialogues in each zone. The dialogues are mainly about the plot but may also contain critical information about the key strengths and weaknesses of the foes. For the players who just want to progress through the battle quickly, there is an option to skip all dialogues and just enter straight into the battle.

Party & Battle System

Battle in PVE mode consists of forming a team of five SolChicks, each with active and passive skills that can be used in the battle.

Players are allowed to edit their SolChicks party before every battle. When making a party, players will need to make a balanced team for maximum effectiveness. A good party would consist of SolChicks of different classes and skills so that they can cover each other’s weaknesses and synergize with one another.

The effectiveness of the battle will also be influenced by what class of SolChicks is placed in what position in the battle line (rear, middle, front). Typically, tanker type of SolChicks (Knight) would be placed in the front position, and the supporter type of SolChicks (Priest) would be placed in the rear position of the battle line.

At the bottom right of the screen are buttons with the faces of each SolChick in the player’s party. Pressing each button activates the corresponding SolChick’s skills’ which have cooldown timers. Players should time the skills well in the battle for maximum effectiveness.

For example, players should delay their skills when expecting a stun or interruption from the enemies, should not dump all the skills on one small wave of weak enemies if only one or two skills are enough to wipe them out, and should take into account which skills are effective for which type of enemies.

We had initially designed the game in its entirety using the movement control also for Adventure Mode, like we had in the demo game. However, we realized that it can be extremely clunky - the system was simply not a good fit for a P2E game targeting a more casual player base. The key issue was that too much of the game revolved around reflexes (and low latency!) as well as active control and grinding. What we settled on is currently what we call a “sweet spot”, where we retain the “movement control” for the important and powerful raid bosses in Raid Mode and chapter end bosses, but we have also ADDED the “auto battle” style Action RPG system in Adventure Mode where players will still need to actively use their SolChicks’ skills to battle normal enemies but there is no “movement control”. Adventure Mode will focus on player’s strategy in terms of class and equipment choices and timing the active skills strategically. Again, we would like to stress the “easy to learn, difficult to master” mantra that the team believes in. This change will allow us to simplify parts of the gameplay for a wider audience (which will hopefully increase the number of players who play and stay playing!) while focusing our efforts on delivering depth in story and play-to-earn system, as well as a variety of equipment and item systems.

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