Stats / Elemental Attributes / Levelling System

SolChicks Saga aims to be a game that will be easy to learn but difficult to master. In this regard, we have designed a highly customizable yet easy to understand character customization system which caters to a variety of play styles and is conducive to experimentation and metagame evolution.

Primary Stats and Secondary Stats

Primary stats will be the core determinant of a SolChick’s power level and will be mostly gained through levelling up of the SolChicks NFT (with further bonus from NFT traits) and will be further enhanced by equipment which are equipped to the character in the game.

There are 6 primary stats as shown in the below image (Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Mentality and Resistance). Each primary stat will affect all the corresponding secondary stats in the table below which makes primary stats powerful and sought after though more general.

Primary Stat

Secondary Stat


Physical Attack Damage, HP, Accuracy


Magic Attack Damage, Evasion


Accuracy, Evasion


Physical Attack Damage, Physical Defence, HP


Magic Attack Damage, Magic Defence,


Physical Defence, Magic Defence

At level 1, each SolChick has a baseline stat points distribution for each primary stat which can be further improved by the different attribute traits that the SolChick NFT has. For every level, the NFT will gain stat points which can be allocated to any primary stat which the player desires. This player choice will be saved onto the NFT and the choice is irreversible.

Secondary stats serve as further boosts to a SolChick’s power level to give players an additional edge during battle. These stats will be improved either through NFT attributes or items and if synergized properly, will change the way players play their character. The secondary stats will not be shown in the NFT but only shown in game. For players looking for more targeted builds, which require more of a particular secondary stat, there will be items that enable styles of play where players make meaningful sacrifices to achieve their builds and dominate their battles. No player should have characters which have maxed out on every single secondary stat.

Tertiary Stats

To push build diversity to the limit, we have also designed tertiary stats for the true min-maxing player that can only be increased with accessory equipment or rare enchantments such as critical attack chance, critical attack damage, evasion chance, attack speed and movement speed and many other fun effects which the player can discover.

Elemental Attributes

There are 5 types of elemental attributes in SolChicks Saga: water, fire, grass, earth and none. Each SolChick character is given an elemental attribute based on the NFT’s background trait.

With this, players will be able to create a strategy depending on the enemies’ elements

  • A character with an elemental attribute stronger than the enemy’s elemental attribute will deal more damage to the enemy

  • A character with an elemental attribute weaker than the enemy’s elemental attribute will deal less damage to the enemy

Levelling Up SolChicks

Winning in PVE and PVP battles accumulates Progression Experience in the player’s Game Account. Player can level up the SolChicks NFTs by spending the accumulated Progression Experience and certain amount of $CHICKS, $SHARDS and SolCoin. SolChick NFTs’ primary stats and battle power increases as the NFTs level up, and more Progression Experience, $CHICKS, $SHARDS and SolCoin are required to level up for higher levels.

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