PVP Mode

In player vs player (PVP) battle mode, the game will track each player through the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system where each player’s MMR will go up on wins and completing objectives. To enter a battle, the player will start from the battle lobby where players can select from their SolChicks in their SolChicks Game Account, as well as the corresponding equipment and items to optimize their chances of winning. Once done, players will enter into our matchmaking system and will battle against players of similar MMR to themselves.

After a battle is concluded, players will be rewarded with a loot box which can contain $SHARDS, SolCoins, items and equipment. The winning player gets a larger share of the overall loot. MMR will also be adjusted depending on the outcome of the battle.

Players can also, although not advised, flee from battle. However, fleeing from a battle will severely punish a player’s MMR and also apply a cooldown between games which becomes progressively longer the more games fled within the 24 hours.

Note: PVP Mode is still under development, and will be included when the full version of the game

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