Skill System

SolChicks will have access to an arsenal of skills at the player’s disposal which can be used in combat to achieve a variety of objectives. In SolChicks Saga, skills will be classified by its utility as follows

  1. Active - cast on command (e.g., Fireball, Sneak Attack)

  2. Trigger - Effect triggered when conditions met (e.g., Magic Ward)

  3. Passive - Passive effect (e.g., Mana Well, Midas' Touch)

Skills can be acquired by spending skill books to bind skills to weapons and equipment (see Weapon/Equipment System section).

Skills that have been equipped cannot be swapped out during a battle, and every skill will come with a cooldown time so as to prevent button mashing and encourage experimentation. In general, the more powerful the active skill, the longer its cooldown will be. It would not be wise to equip powerful spells with long cooldowns on all of your characters since it would reduce the nimbleness of the player’s party as they would not have the right spells do deal with smaller by more constant threats. There could also be a short global internal cooldown added to balance out lag between players but at the same time preserve the dynamic nature of the battle.

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