NFT System

To play, players will have to create SolChicks Game Accounts where they can load multiple SolChick NFTs into from their Solana wallets such as Phantom or SolFlare wallets, and the players will be able to use those SolChick NFTs as their character avatars. SolChicks Game Accounts will let the players accrue all their rewards through their accounts first, and then later transfer them to their Solana wallets.

SolChicks Saga is an NFT based game, and we encourage the trading and exchanging of SolChicks NFTs so that players will experience the breadth and depth that SolChicks Saga offers. At the same time, we would like for the players to be able to meaningfully monetize their time which they have spent playing the game. To this end, SolChicks has implemented the “dynamic NFT” system, which allows for dynamic update of the SolChick NFTs. This means that data such as levels and stats will be dynamically updated onto each NFT. In other words, if a player purchases a SolChicks NFT, they will not only get the NFT with the NFT traits, but also with its level, stats, elemental attributes etc.

  1. NFT traits, level, stats and elemental attribute will be pegged to the SolChick NFT

  2. Game progression and in-game currency (SolCoin) will be pegged to the SolChicks Game Account

  3. Weapon & Equipment NFTs can be freely transferred between the holder’s SolChicks Game Account and Solana wallet

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