Weapon / Equipment System

SolChicks is an RPG game at its core, and one of the most important things is to balance out sources of power for the character. While the base NFT character provides benefits in terms of greater stats, power, and higher earn rates for the players, equipment also plays an important role in determining the player’s power level.

The primary values of equipment are the skills that can be bound to the equipment and boosting of the stats of the SolChicks characters, which will promote more varied styles of play. Equipment can be found through questing, crafting, or as rewards from PvE and PvP battles. All equipment can be minted as NFTs and be traded on the marketplace.

There will be four equipment slots (weapon, primary armor, secondary armor, and accessory). Certain equipment will have certain requirements to be equipped (levels or stats), and skills that are bound to the equipment will also change the equipment requirements. The equipment type will also determine the class of the SolChick. For example, if the player equips the Wand onto a SolChick, the SolChick will be designated as a Wizard class and have their damage scale with the intelligence stat.

Equipment Rarity Tier

There will be five rarity tiers for equipment: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary in ascending order of rarity. Like in many RPG games, the tier of the equipment will determine its base power level and also its likelihood for a player to obtain. The rarity of the item will be shown in the item icon (for example, grey could indicate Common, while orange could indicate Legendary) as well as in its item tooltip. Rarity tiers for an equipment cannot be upgraded (for example, an Uncommon can never be upgraded to a Rare).

Equipment Level

Besides rarity, each piece of equipment also comes with a level which can be gradually upgraded by the player to a maximum level of level 10 (from the lowest of 1). Players can disassemble existing equipment to acquire crafting materials used in crafting and upgrading of equipment. Crafting materials will also have a rarity tier (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary) based on the rarity of equipment being disassembled. For example, if a Rare equipment is disassembled, the player will obtain Rare crafting materials. These crafting materials can be used to upgrade the equipment to increase its power level, which is displayed as a “+x” number on the top left corner of its icon.

This can be significant because a high-level Uncommon weapon could be more powerful than a low-level Rare weapon. Further, any in-game upgrades at the Blacksmith will alter the NFT metadata and is stored on the blockchain, creating another way for players to create and earn value through playing the game.

However, there are risks to upgrading equipment as there will be a certain probability for an upgrade to fail, and possibly even destroy the equipment in the process.

Skill Binding

Players can bind skills to their weapons (active skills) and primary armours (passive / trigger skills) through the blacksmith NPC. One skill book is used each time a skill is bound to a weapon or equipment (the skill book is destroyed in the process), and it will be random what skill will be bound. Therefore, it may require multiple times of skill binding until the desired skill is bound.

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