SolChicks Saga Introduction

SolChicks Saga is a play-to-earn ("P2E") multiplayer role-playing game where the players' unique SolChicks NFTs are used as their game characters. Our mission is to make SolChicks Saga first and foremost fun, and we are mainly targeting soft to mid core players who are looking for a unique experience in a friendly setting.

Players can participate in SolChicks Saga in multiple ways, be it leveling their characters through participating in PvE or PvP challenges, farming the rarest items and seeking hidden treasures, or even just treating your SolChicks as virtual pets to past time. Amongst the key differentiating factors is that SolChicks Saga is NFT driven where the SolChick NFT will act as the player’s in-game avatar. There will only be 10,000 unique "Gen0" SolChick NFTs at initial mints which endows their owners with play-to-earn (P2E) privileges. As the game expands, there will be further mints through breeding which could also be used in game, though the NFTs minted through breeding will not have some of the unique privileges to distinguish them from the origins. Players who play the game will earn rewards both in game and on the blockchain.

In this model of gaming, players can expect to earn and gain rewards through:

  1. Earning in-game rewards such as $SHARDS and $CHICKS tokens which can be traded on real world exchanges

    • $SHARDS and $CHICKS tokens are valuable in that these will be required for breeding SolChick NFTs, upgrading weapon & equipment NFTs, etc.

  2. Collecting in-game rare items which can be upgraded and minted as NFTs to be traded on marketplaces

  3. Earning SolCoins (our in-game currency) that could be used in the game to purchase various in-game items such as the consumable items

While many of the mechanics and balance details are subject to iterations and changes before being implemented in the final game, this game paper should provide the reader with a good sense of where the team at SolChicks envision the game to be when it ultimately becomes playable.

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