NFT Economy

There will only be 10,000 Gen0 SolChicks NFTs, and the increase in number of NFTs will primarily depend on the breeding activity. Given this constraint, we have devised the below solution to unlock player-capacity constraints while keeping the balance of the NFT economy by allowing the NFT holders to have substantially higher earning rate compared to non NFT holders.

Players can use non-NFT SolChicks to start playing the game, but these non-NFTs will look slightly but visibly different from the NFT SolChicks in the game, and will be weaker than the NFT SolChicks. Players who use them will also earn a significantly reduced amount and cannot breed or be traded compared to players who use NFTs to play. In addition, the SolChicks NFTs will also grant in-game trait bonuses and value accrual to preserve collection value based on the rarity of the attributes.

SolChicks will have a scholarship platform where the SolChicks NFT owners can lend their NFTs to players who are not NFT owners. These players will have their own playing account/profile (separate to the NFT owner’s profile) and any income they earn in the game will be split with the NFT owner (at a rate to be determined by supply and demand for staking).

NFT Overall Rarity Tiers

There are five overall rarity tiers associated with the 10,000 Gen0 SolChicks NFTs. These have the following chance of occurring: Common (60%), Uncommon (25%), Rare (13%), Mythical (1.9%) and Legendary (0.1%).

SolChicks NFTs with higher overall rarity tiers (Legendary being the highest) will have the following bonuses. These bonuses are mostly consistent in principle with what was disclosed back in 2021, but with slightly different details which will be further explained closer to the release of the P2E version of the game.

  • Higher in-game reward (SolCoin, $SHARDS, etc.)

  • Higher in-game bonus stat points, indirectly given NFTs with higher overall rarities have higher chance of having rarer traits that have higher bonus stat points in the game

  • Feeding and happiness advantages

  • Exclusive quests

  • Special skills

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